Our Expertise

Venture inside Alpha Fit and set yourself free as you fall deep into another dimension. But remember, we’re all mad here and once you go down, there is no coming out.

Alpha Fit is more than just a gym, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a place where you can come and be yourself, where everyone is equal. At Alpha Fit you will experience a completely different take on health and fitness than what you are used to. With six pillars of classes available and experienced and passionate coaches to guide you, there is no doubt that you will achieve your goals. Our members become friends with the people they train with and they will be with you every step of the way on your shared fitness journey…

It's new to Nairobi...

It’s more than just a sweaty workout; you hold each other accountable, cheer each other and push each other to finish that final rep. If you want to experience a new take on health and fitness, train in style, push yourself way past your limits and achieve things you never thought possible, then Alpha Fit shall be your home from home. Hop into our Juice Bar and visit one of our Head Trainers who will be more than welcome to show you around and answer any questions you may have on beginning your fitness journey with us.




General Fitness

Let our coaches work their magic and help you to achieve your goals. You’ll leave our wonderland as the best version of you.

Weight loss

Crush your fitness goals. Book your appointment for your weigh-in & measurements with our coaches and stay on top of your goals.


Let us help you continue your fitness journey in the kitchen by providing you with meal plans and nutritional advice.


Push yourself to the limit and then do one rep more as our coaches take you on a journey to become the strongest you’ve ever been.